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I thought that episode was original, until...

I had previously seen maybe 40% of TOS episodes and I've been watching through on Netflix. As I've been going through it's been deflating my opinion of the originality of shoes from other series.

Devil in the Dark -> TNG/Home Soil
Errand of Mercy -> Stargate/The Nox

Obviously, TV shows are going to influence each other, and some of these episodes probably borrowed elements from earlier scifi such as literature and Twilight Zone. But in cases like these it's like they took the exact story and just plugged in a new alien. This even seems extreme by Stargate standards. Like, yeah they have a 'Time loop' episode and an 'Out of phase' episode and other basic scifi tropes that were done in TNG, but at least they designed different stories around those tropes.

Why does scifi seem to feel more comfortable blatantly ripping off TOS than other science fiction?
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