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Re: What were your reading experiences in 2013?

I didn't really read anything until I went on vacation in November. While there, I read all 10 Shatnerverse novels. Kirk is my favorite character, and I was curious how Shatner handled him. I found the series to be easy to read, here are my basic impressions of each:

Collision Course - It was pretty good. I liked the characterization of young Kirk and the stuff about Kodos. I wish Trial Run hadn't been cancelled.
Ashes of Eden - I liked exploring this particular period of Kirk's life. Some people seemed OOC at times, but overall it was a fun story.
The Return - I really enjoyed this one, it might be my favorite. Plenty of good moments with the Borg.
Avenger - This was good too, it moved at a fast pace, the quarantine idea was interesting, the stuff involving Sarek less so.
Spectre - This started off pretty good, but it could be a little out there at times.
Dark Victory - Not as good as the last one, it was convoluted but still entertaining
Preserver - Some interesting ideas, but a disappointing finale in some ways.
Captain's Peril - I'm torn, I appreciated it trying to do something smaller scale and more intimate, but it wasn't as engrossing as the others, the flashbacks were well done though
Captain's Blood - This was more like it, one of my favorites and an interesting exploration of the Remans
Captain's Glory - The Totality is an interesting concept, there was some good action in the book. I'd say it was a fitting finale.
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