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Re: When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

I loved New Frontier when it started, and continued to love it until they did the whole time jump thing. It was jarring and didn't inspire the love for the series that existed beforehand.

I was not a fan of what happened to McHenry...i was not a fan of the whole "western" thing going on with Calhoun in the Excalibur trilogy...Xyon hyper-aging was not something i dug. Saying all that, i still love reading Calhoun and would welcome more stories by PAD or someone else even.

As i've said before when this topic comes up, I'd love it if David Mack brought us some NF stories. I like that he mentions Calhoun & The Excalibur people once in awhile; and i loved his Kebron story in the NF anthology from the early 2000's.
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