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Re: When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

Almost done with Blind Man's Bluff...and it still suxs. Was thinking how Peter David teamed up Soleta and Seven for part of the story line, and even that fell flat. Sheesh, a Soleta & Seven story coulda had great potential.

Forget till reading above about how PD had the Trident and Excalibur crew working together. Again, what great potential considering the characters of Soleta, Shelby, Mueller, & Selar. Even tho' I'm a not a great fan of Arex & M'Ress, it woulda added to the story.

Yep, it prolly tough jugglin' both crews....coulda been a nice duology/trilogy to get said what needed to be said for storyline purposes.

At any rate, about 50 pages to before I can put a fork in the book.

Again, what a wasted opportunity as essentially New Frontier "self-imploded."
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