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Re: Do you reckon Gowron's actions in season seven were normal?

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Gowron was never portrayed this way in TNG. Re-watch "Redemption" in which the character was introduced. Everybody considered him capable of poisoning K'mpec.

From the very start, Gowron was always portrayed as the lesser evil compared to the Duras family. He was a son of bitch, but at least he was "our" son of a bitch.
This is true I guess. I remember in Reunion he tried to bribe K'helyr.

I've always wondered what Picard have said when he heard Worf of all people killed Gowron. Most likely as a long-standing Captain, Starfleet would have given him the heads-up on all that Sisko and co. were doing, and probably said good riddance to Gowron and "yay!" for his former Security/Tactical chief killing him.
This would have been a bit out of character for Picard. At the very least, he would probably have regreted that there had been no other solution, but he would have also acknowledged the fact that Martok seemed to be a a more reliable Klingon leader from the Federation's POV.
Even though Picard was a very moral and principled person, he could be an "ends justify the means" individual when needs be. I think given how well he knew Klingon culture, and of course how well he knew Worf as a more upstanding "moral" Klingon, he would IMO have accepted it as is. Per Klingon morals/laws, Worf did the only thing he could, as that's how they remove incompetent or corrupt leaders. Also, had Starfleet informed him of what Gowron was doing to undermine the war effort, well even he may have thought one less corrupted Klingon Chancellor vs. the Federation's existence is no true loss.
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