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Four Years War ST fan-fic

USS Lemuria, Atlantis class Shuttle Carrier

Set at the beginning of the Four Years War (2246). The ship is based on an Estes Model rocket kludged into the Trek ‘verse. I use a lot of FASA and Spaceflight Chronology material, and some of the novels. IMO, Enterprise is a different universe, one that leads to the NuTrek ‘verse, and has no connection to this one.

PO3 Tha’amsa (Saroming – indigenous name for Alpha Centaurans)
PO3 McDaniels
Ens Jim Morgan 6’+ athletic
Ens Rory Campbell 5’11”, thin, rogue, gambler, cigars
Ens Hazel Martin tall, slender, looks full-figured, red hair, green eyes, from NV
Ens William Austin Sheridan from CO
Ens Richard Hallewell brown hair, blue eyes
Ens Kevin Lane
Ens Hal Smith
Ens Rachel Brock brunette, brown eyes, short, slender
Ens John Blake
LTj.g Greg Roberts
LTj.g. Eve Tamsyn
LT Tom Mallory
FCO LT Akshia Jenst
WPA LT Eric Tanner
Weps LT Anson Roberts
1st LT LT Randall Drake
Security Officer LT Dennis Stuart
XO LCDR Devon Gannon
CO CDR Chris Sawyer black, balding, solid, middle age
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