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If that's what I said, you'd have a point. I never said MUST, I said--because they look like no Orion we've seen before beyond the green skin--that they could be (and I prefer to think are) another race. By your logic, Kermit and Yoda are Orions.

(Sucks when people misrepresent and over-simplify your argument, doesn't it?)
Or, perhaps, simply misunderstand the argument? "I don't regard those women as Orion" does seem a rather definite statement, even if it's not exactly the same as saying "They must not be Orions.".
True, and thanks for being the voice of reason. I should make it clear: I know they are supposed to be Orion and expect the vast majority of fans to see them as such. I'm just throwing out a friendly--and, I hoped, fun--dissenting view. And, like I said, I see no reason why many Trek humanoids can't have green skin, just as the range of human skin tones is reflected in Bajorans, Vulcans, Klingons etc.
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