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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

99. F for Fake (B-)

Orson Welles' final theatrical feature, a free-form documentary about the nature of illusion and con artistry. A fascinating experiment, eschewing traditional documentary structures, it's consistently interesting, but I don't think it ever soars. It's held together by Welles' commanding presence in front of the camera. The man was a talent, albeit one that Hollywood never really knew what to do with.

100. The African Queen (B+)

Bogart in Technicolour. I don't think I've ever seen that before, and honestly, I don't think it suits him; there was an actor made for black and white.

This movie made both of the AFI's top 100 of all time lists, and if that's the measuring stick I think it's considerably overrated. Bogart and Hepburn have nice chemistry as the leads, but as a romance it never gets very far, and as an adventure film it's on the tepid side much of the time. On the whole it's a nice package, but I really don't find it exceptional.

Cinema: 39
Home Video: 49 (+1)
Computer: 11 (+1)

And with that, I make it to 100 films for the year.
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