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Re: Favorite Comic Books of 2013

I buy 95% Marvel, so my list will obviously skew that way...

Uncanny/All-New X-Men. Bendis has put the X-Men at the top of my "must-buy" list for the first time since the Claremont days.

Daredevil-- I love how Mark Waid has brought DD back from the "grim 'n gritty" abyss that DD has hung over since the Miller days. The book is actually fun.

Hawkeye-- I've always liked Hawkeye, and I am always one of the suckers that buy his solo books. Fraction's take, however, is just brilliant. His use of Kate Bishop is the icing on the cake and cements this book's spot on my pull-list.

Guardians of the Galaxy-- This book is my intro to this incarnation of the Guardians, and I am a fan. The crossover with "All-New X-Men" promises to be fun. "I am Groot!"

Young Avengers-- Kieron Gillen what Kieron Gillen does best. Will miss this one once it's gone.

Brian Wood's "Star Wars" for Dark Horse. Captures the feel of the OT perfectly.

Books I enjoy, but could live without--

New Avengers
Indestructible Hulk


Age of Ultron
Gillen's Iron Man
Fantastic Four
Justice League 3000
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