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Favorite Comic Books of 2013

I was gonna do a top ten list but it's hard to seperate certain series from each other, and even harder to rank them, so order them however ya want I guess

In no particular order:

Superior Spider-Man: I love Spidey-Ock and his slow re-descent into supervillainy despite himself. The art has always been stellar, and the stories rarely wasteful.

All New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men: I think Bendis is doing as good a job as you can expect on the X-Books. The Children of the Atom was pretty terrible though.

Wolverine & X-Men: I love this book. I love the sense of humor and whimsey to it. It's fun in a way the X-books rarely are anymore. And I love the Balacho/Bradshaw art! It also does a great job of seamlessly interweaving into the crossovers.

Avengers, New Avengers, Infinity: I think Hickman is too cold and intellectual to be writing the Avengers but I'm still enjoying the story. While Infinity was rushed and anti-climactic, I still think it was a solid story.

Uncanny Avengers: this series has always been epic and important with great art... it's too bad it basically exists in its own microcosm. We never see the Avengers and X-Men working together outside of this book and A+X, or the consequences of the momentous events of this book.

Batman: Snyder and Capullo hit it out of the part every time. I'm really loving the Zero Year story. It's doing the near impossible job of retelling an old classic and making it fresh and interesting without change for the sake of change.

Justice League, Forever Evil: somewhat of a mixed bag... when things actually move it's pretty good.

Indy Hits:
East of West: I just read this in the past month and it's got a fascinating premise with good art
The Wake: a very trippy and interesting take on The Abyss
Hellboy in Hell: after YEARS we finally get Mignolia drawing Hellboy again!
Invincible: I think I'm a year behind on this series but I've always loved it!

Biggest Disappointment of 2013:
Age of Ultron: yeesh. five episodes sitting around a post-apocalyptic wasteland followed by five episodes of inane alternate reality time travel followed by it all never happened. What a waste. I can't believe this was the capstone of the Bendis-Avengers.

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