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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Tallguy said:
Right. This looks like they're all CXT and DXR files. The only MOV files are the SS logos.
Search the whole disk... trust me, there are a LOT of MOV files throughout the disk.

If you can't see 'em... two possibilities. Either you have a bogus disk, or you've somehow got QT-type files marked as "hidden" in your OS?

I, by default, make sure that nothing is "hidden" and that all file suffixes are visible. I don't like my OS hiding things from me.

The only other option is that you're just not looking closely enough? Did you do a search on the disk for all files with the *.MOV suffix? Or the *.AIF suffix?

Trust me, I just went through my own disk and it's just FULL of these, and I looked through several. In fact, I discovered (much to my surprise) that there seems to be a "secret" on the disk... a Klingon bridge as well as the Starfleet ones we know about!
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