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Re: What Didja Get For Christmas?

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A soda stream, a new TV and some hand made cookies

I went out to visit my mom, I got her a DVD player, Despicable me 2, Ted, and A Christmas Story, some hand carved beads, and a paracord bracelet kit, Got my old man a Replica Colt Navy
MAN, I totally wanted a Soda Stream, but they're a bit pricey. Have you tried it? I'm curious as to how a regular or diet soda from the soda stream tastes compared to store bought. I have such a soda addiction, I was wondering if a Soda Stream would be worth it.
The Kool-Aid tropical punch is the only thing I've tried so far, it's pretty good, it came with 24 sample packs so give me a few weeks to try them out
Green chile cheeseburgers, Red and Green chile burritos, Green and Red chile pizza with beef and chicken, Green chile chicken kung pao, Green chile wine, Green and Red chile popsicles...You can get Red and Green on everything here.
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