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Re: What Didja Get For Christmas?

I got a box of Pot of Gold and $60 woth of gift cards to a local pub from my Landlords.

a bottle of Mens Domain Cologne, from a friend of mine (and her kids) who Models (she's hot)

and a Cold mist humidifier from another friend to help me with this bronchitis. (but its too noisy to use at night when i need it, so I might have to exchange it)

As its the season of giving...
What I gave was a

Doris unicorn despicable me 2 to my 4 year old niece

A Mine Creeper Plushie to her 6 year old Brother.

Gift certificates to my sister and her husband ($50 ea)

A tassimo coffee machine to my model friend (I did not know that thats all she wanted, so it was a big surprise to her and me), some clothes for her kids.

Some toys for my brothers grand kids (but have received no thank yous as of yet).

some small kitchen gadgets for another friend.

A box of Purdy's chocolates to the waitress at my local pub.
Ok Muppets From Space is not a movie you want to watch when you no longer smoke pot, lol.
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