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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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And folks wonder why the Yankees purchase star-power.

For the most part, all the big names (draw) were on the DL last year.

It will pick up again next year.
Fun fact: The attendance decline began in 2011 and really started tanking in 2012. Try again.
What difference does that make?

Doesn't change the fact that the Yankees need to purchase star power.
My point is that you suggested that the reason for the Yankees' attendance drop, television viewing drop and season ticket plunge was due to a lack of star power. However, all of those trends started in 2012, when Jeter, Cano, Rodriguez, Teixeira, Granderson and Swisher were all in the starting lineup, and Kuroda, Sabathia, Pettite and Rivera were all clowning fools. That's a lineup with a lot of "star power," but fewer people were paying attention already.

As it so happens, 2012 is when they started dumpster diving on the Project 189 bullshit.

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I knew we won allot of 1-run games, but didn't know it was 30!
One-run games is a meaningless at worst and misleading at best statistic, because it doesn't provide any context for how the game came to be within one run.

What I will disagree with is what he proclaims Cano is(was) worth. (and yes I know what his #'s are and what they are supposed to mean) I watched him play for 9 years. Yeah, lots of doubles and numbers but he DID NOT play up to potential. I don't like his laxidasical attitude and lack of discipline at the plate. He unquestionably has the talent to bust 400, he just doesn't have the brains. I would sooner take Pedroia over Cano. I can't believe you guys got him that cheap. I think he's worth more.
When no one has ever hit .400 since 1941, Cano was supposed to do it? What on Earth? I'm not even sure what to make of the "brains" comment, outside of it reading as a borderline dog whistle.

This new lux tax etc is going to make it tougher for them. They are going to have to figure out how to get talent in their farm system... no doubt.
The luxury tax isn't new (it dates back to 2003). What is new is that Hal Steinbrenner doesn't want to pay it anymore.

And I don't get how anyone can hate Barry Bonds. He's only the greatest hitter in human history.
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