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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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What possible evidence supports this? At all? Or are you typing this while wearing your pinstriped pajamas?

The Yankee self denial that their team is no longer the elite in the AL, and may even be on the decline is hilarious. Why would the Red Sox be scared? They have 3 homegrown talented starters in their rotation, and a whole other crop of them on the way. They aren't basing their off season moves on what the 3rd place team in their division in doing.

You also don't seem to get that there is no guarantee that the Yankees are going to get Tanaka. It's just as likely he ends up on the Dodgers or any other of the big market teams with money to spend. Hell, I expect the Red Sox to even make a push for him.

Granted if the Red Sox did go and sign him I'm sure we'd hear from you how he will be a bust and is overrated.
The Red Sox are always scared of the Yankees. If you are a true RS fan, you know and understand and have lived this.

Your pitching rotation and depth is outstanding. I've never said any different. It will be interesting to see if your closer is the real deal or just a flash in the pan.

I never said the Yankees were a lock to get Tanaka. I hope they out spend EVERYONE on him, because I think he is the real deal, we need a young 1/2 pitcher in the rotation and whomever gets him won't lose a dime in doing so. Free agent starting pitching available is a gamble at best.

Not elite in the AL anymore? That's just laughable.

For gods sake we had a shot at making the play-offs with a AAA team last year. How quickly you forget that.

The Yankees are always elite, you should bow in the presence of 29 world series championships. And say thank you for allowing you to get your first in a million years.

...and, you one way homer, I rooted for the Red Sox in the World Series and picked them to win it... would you have done the same for the Yankees?

I think not.
Granted the Red Sox won the World Series last year on the backs of older guys who outperformed expectations, but the difference is there is an infusion of young talent that was on the ML roster, and is now building up in the minors. The Yankees have NONE of that. There isn't one player in their system that you look at and think: there is a major league star, or even a good major league player.

Edit: And to illustrate my point even better then I ever could, here is a great article from Grantland:
The Red Sox won because they were the better team. I emphasize "team". They had no head-cases (manager included) and their pitching staff got it done. I enjoyed watching them in the post season.

That's a great article. Thank you, I hadn't seen it.

I knew we won allot of 1-run games, but didn't know it was 30!

He misjudges Jeter's worth. It's never been because he's a great defensive short-stop. It's been because he a fierce competitor, like a Michael Jordon.

Just Yankin chains about the Red Sox fear and everything BTW.

What I will disagree with is what he proclaims Cano is(was) worth. (and yes I know what his #'s are and what they are supposed to mean) I watched him play for 9 years. Yeah, lots of doubles and numbers but he DID NOT play up to potential. I don't like his laxidasical attitude and lack of discipline at the plate. He unquestionably has the talent to bust 400, he just doesn't have the brains. I would sooner take Pedroia over Cano. I can't believe you guys got him that cheap. I think he's worth more.

Great points about free agents and our farm system. They have always spent to keep a championship team on the field (all not wisely for sure). This new lux tax etc is going to make it tougher for them. They are going to have to figure out how to get talent in their farm system... no doubt.

A-Rod is a WTF... I personally never liked him, even when he lived up to his billing in 2009. That's just me. As far as I'm concerned, he could never play another inning of baseball and the game would be better for it. There was a time when I was rooting for him to break Bonds record, because I hate him worse. If only Junior could have stayed healthy.

Here's the way I see this upcoming season.

New blood (and class guys) in the club-house, new roles for some. Giardi has proven he can manage a pitching staff. If we land Tanaka, I think we are in it to win it. If we are in it at the end, it's because our pitching staff was strong enought to get us there and if it's strong enough to get us there, it's strong enough to win it coming out of the AL East.

Further than that? Don't know and the article paints what could be pretty grim lean years ahead.

It will most certainly interesting.
Yankees win 89 games this year and earn a wildcard play-off birth.
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