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When did New Frontier "Jump the Shark"?

I'm finishing up Blind Man's Bluff -- and its turning into a speed read, and it down right suxs.

Just looking back, I can't believe how much New Frontier went down hill. Yeah, I'm sure there are folks out there who love the series and that it has a place in Trek Lore.

I guess I equate New Frontier to the DS9 Episodes that feature the Ferengi. Probably not the greatest of episodes but there are some highpoints, but mostly clunkers episodes as a whole.

I thought when New Frontier first came out, it had a lot of potential. I like how it drew Selar, Shelby and Robin Lefler of characters that we already knew.

Also liked Calhoun and Soleta as well so the series had a bunch of potential.

Guess with Robin's mother -- Morgan -- took over the computer as her "Consciousness" and McHenry (who had potential) turned out to be some super-being...just really then it jumped the shark.

Even tho' the plot device of M'ress and Arex (the 3 armed guy) was a little weak, I thought that would get the series off of life support. Even the addition of Kat Mueller was great, but it seemed to be sputtering on corny-ness.

No wonder how this series just suddenly ended. It just seemed Peter David was "phone-ing it in" towards the end.

Just wondering if other people felt the same way about the series, that it generally when down hill after the first few books.

-- Your thoughts?
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