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Re: Does the Nu Ent have Quantum Slipstream?

I think the Nu Ent has a warp drive, not a quantum slipstream drive. Quantum slipstream is too complicated a term, warp is much nicer and tender on the tongue.

What's more, they seem to get faster from Qo'noS to Earth than from Vulcan to Earth in ST09. Spock Prime and Kirk walked for at least a few hours on Delta Vega, not accounting for the time Scotty needed to modify the transporter. That's a long time that the Enterprise was moving in the wrong direction, which they made up for with a half of a warp factor, and it is also a long time for which the Narada was moving. That's incompatible enough with going from Qo'noS to Earth in under ten minutes, so looking for explanations is an invitation for a headache. I don't like headaches.

Somewhat ironic. Dash with an insane speed around the galaxy, and you might actually see the stars move as they did in the TNG era.* Instead, both with the quantum slipstream drive and in nuTrek, the stars are hidden behind this tunnel of light, so you can't see them.

* Checking with Celestia, going 50 light years in a couple of seconds, seems to produce similar but slower effect. Going 500 light years in a couple of seconds, and it's about right. I should think that if you saw the stars moving the way they did in TNG, you'd know something's not quite right with the speed.
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