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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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They're really not.
Of course they are.
What possible evidence supports this? At all? Or are you typing this while wearing your pinstriped pajamas?

The Yankee self denial that their team is no longer the elite in the AL, and may even be on the decline is hilarious. Why would the Red Sox be scared? They have 3 homegrown talented starters in their rotation, and a whole other crop of them on the way. They aren't basing their off season moves on what the 3rd place team in their division in doing.

You also don't seem to get that there is no guarantee that the Yankees are going to get Tanaka. It's just as likely he ends up on the Dodgers or any other of the big market teams with money to spend. Hell, I expect the Red Sox to even make a push for him.

Granted if the Red Sox did go and sign him I'm sure we'd hear from you how he will be a bust and is overrated.
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