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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Broncos lock down the first seed with a thrashing of the Raiders and Manning sets the yards record and the team sets the points record. I do with they had let Manning come out for at least one more drive in the second half.
Props to the Bronco's head coach for not trying to set single game yards and points marks against my team. I know it was for Manning's and the team's protection too, but some coaches don't care about that so much.

May doing the respectful (and smart) thing come back to him one day.
While I agree not playing his was the smart thing to do, but in no way should an NFL team complain about being disrespected. This isn't pee wee football. If you don't like what the offense is doing, do your job and stop them. If the Broncos wanted to run up the score, I take no issue with it, and for that matter, neither does the media now that its Manning doing it. In 2007 when Tom Brady and company were doing it people were calling for Belichick's head. I hear not a peep now.
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