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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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^Khan was made in a lab. His skin colour could be a a whim of his (Indian?) creators, or just a fluke. IMO he was just tanned in "Space Seed" - since Montelban is as white as Cumberbatch in Wrath of Khan (they dropped his fake Indian makeup between appearences)

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I know I keep posting this, but it's so true and so appropriate.
How would John Harrison (before writers changed him into Khan) have been another rip-off?
In the same way anyone with a personal issue with one of the characters is considered a Khan rip-off (Shinzon?)

The accent may have been different, but the way Cumberbatch chewed scenery and talked about "walking over their cold corpses" and saying grandiose things like "after all... no ship should go down without her captain!" would have begged for comparisons to "From hell's heart, I stab at thee!" and the rest of Montelkhan's OTT spiel.

You can consider Nero a Khan knockoff as well.
Nero has a vendetta against Spock.
Nero blames Spock for not saving Romulus.
Nero blames Spock for the death of his wife and child.
Nero uses his uber-ship to cripple the Enterprise.
Nero uses slugs to torture and extract information from a hostage.
Kirk and Spock use a strategy to outwit and destroy Nero, his crew and his ship.

Nero is more of a Khan ripoff than Shinzon. Shizon's Khan traits were having a personal jealousy against Picard and having a battle in the Bassen Rift (Mutara Nebula) against the Enterprise.
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