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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

Continuing my excitement over the Destiny trilogy, I just finished reading TNG "Resistance" and "Before Dishonor", the Borg two parter that kinda sorta leads into Destiny. I thought they were pretty good, though the tonal shift to Peter David's goofiness was a little jarring, particularly since the book
. I also thought Picard cracking jokes throughout the entire story to be a little out of character. But I enjoyed it and I liked bringing back the Planet Killer. And it was great to see a crossover between the TNG cast, Janeway, Seven of Nine, and Spock.

One question: I assumed these books would set up the ENT-E having the transphasic torpedoes from VOY "Endgame" that it has at the start of Destiny. Is that set up in another novel? Because if that's something they got from "Endgame", why didn't they use them against the Borg in these two stories?
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