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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

I should emphasise after my criticial posts earlier that I want these posts to be read by the author/editor/publisher/anyone with a pecuniary interest in the project and be spurred on to do better work next time. It isn't too late - a third edition could be made, and the next two volumes could be the definitive story of Star Trek that we have all craved for so long. It seems to be what the author was going for, and it staggers me that he would willingly let his mountains of research be let down by the presentational problems people have noticed in this thread.

We are critical because we care. I consider a lot of folks here in the TOS forum as good friends after all these years posting here, and I would never encourage any one of them to buy something without revealing all the warts as I see them. I understand the economics of this project, but the price is high, and a decent outlay for us on average incomes, and in my case having to pay significant postage costs and an exchange rate premium. I held off the first edition, but caved when the new version came out. When the first paragraph I read on the back of the book just cut off mid-sentence, I got that horrible sinking feeling.

In my opinion such premium pricing demands professional presentation, especially in a revised edition. Having cooled off a little, it's not the typo's that bother me the most, it's the nagging doubt I get every time I read an assertion unsupported by another source. If you can't get one of the key actor's ages right, how can we be sure a new "fact" is correct? I suppose it's just more for us to debate on here, but with the reams of BS spouted by Roddenberry and others about this show over decades, you need to verify things before drawing solid conclusions about what happened on this show.

Not one poster on here wants this project to fail, and everyone will be grateful for the hours of additional discussions we'll have on here on the new matters Cushman has brought up. Equally, I don't think there is a single poster on here who isn't looking for a significant improvement in future editions.

The ball is in your court. We will keep our minds open, and celebrate with you when your next work knocks it out of the park with its flawless attention to detail, presentation and referencing.
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