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Re: The Past Decade of Trek Lit

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You may not remember it, but the whole thing with the Klingon prophecy about Miral and B'Elanna going to study on Boreth was a major ongoing thread in the Golden novels.
I believe you when you say it's there it's just that I don't remember it at all.

The reason Full Circle has the 2-part structure it does is because Kirsten needed to wrap up Golden's arcs before beginning her own.

Full Circle and A Singular Destiny were both parts of the same post-Destiny block of novels, but FC was in development for years before ASD came along. The first half of FC takes place in 2378, beginning about six weeks after Spirit Walk ends, and the second half then jumps forward, skimming over 2379-80 and the events of Destiny in a few chapters, with the back half focusing primarily on the period after Destiny, roughly simultaneous with ASD. In fact, by my estimate, FC ends two days before ASD ends, so none of the book takes place after ASD.
All of this sounds vaguely familiar. These are books I read over 4 years ago and there have been a lot since then. Details like that sort of fade over time.

I'm a HUGE DS9 fan and the relaunch was an exciting series of tie in books I've ever read but there's one thing I do remember is about the time Fearful Symmetry and Soul Key were coming out, the Kirsten Beyer Voyager books were coming out and they did something I didn't think was possible: They made me look forward more to a Voyager book instead of a DS9 book. That's how much I like the Kirsten Beyer Voyager books.
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