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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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It would have been a slight nod to TWOK by making Harrison simply a disciple of Khan rather than...
That sort of writers trick always disappoints me. I get the impression that the writer isn't brave enough to meet the real force head on and tackle the subject. He has to use the weaker sidekick as an excuse to not try as hard. It's like a movie about someone who knew Satan and tried to cause a little trouble in His name instead of a movie about Satan himself. We'd miss out on a lot of spectacle and the villain is too easy to beat. So a disciple, for me, would have been even more disappointing than recycled Khan because I'd believe the writers were afraid they weren't creative enough to handle Khan. If you're going to name drop Satan or Khan, at least have the courage to look him in the eyes and deal with him directly.
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