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I wrote to Jay about doing a Kirk Trailer III and he said that he will consider it when a director is named for the next Trek movie but it took a lot of cgi work and such it may not be feasible. I'd love to see a full length movie based on this trailer.

lol the Bring Back Kirk trailer was ahead of it's time, in 2004 the CGI was very rare - now every week something spectacular hits YouTube like a runaway train, like a minisode of The Eleventh Doctor and Sherlock meeting and the Justice League coming together PROPERLY showing Tom Welling as Superman. I wondered recently 'what if it was remade with today's technology'. The fact Jay said he'd consider it is music to my ears.

As for a full length film, yeah that would be great - the cast of Phase II on 24th Century sets (mind you characters would need to look like the older versions)?? - as you can see by my profile picture the idea is my OBSESSION

It would be a new chapter for Kirk and friends and I'm sure continuity can be reshaped (ignore the COUNTDOWN comics) what says it didn't happen?! It could be a fulllength fanedit based on the trailer but I guess the TOS crew would have to be back in the monster maroons then otherwise its tonnes of SFX. I like the idea of the McCoy EMH.

To get back on topic and not into trouble Admiral Chekov could feature? We've also got new footage of Ambassador Spock - I've never spoken to Jay but I'd be happy to help with new story ideas.
Christ on a pogo stick, NO.

That trailer was fine for it's time. The "ingenuity" of it on a low-rent, low-budget scale was neat to behold in 2004 but it was also the most fan-wanky-est and every-thing-in-the-kitchen-sink kind of video that has come to define bad fan fiction and fan films.

In short, give me less crossovers, pew pew pew space battles and more characterization and decent story, thank you.
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