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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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... I wonder if anyone at Pocket might now have seen a complete published copy and whether or not they might consider taking over / buying out the book series -- to produce more robust editions, if that is even possible at this late stage since Jacobs Brown seems to have the printing rights?
Since Mr. Cushman's wife is legal "console" I am assuming this worthy endeavor is sort of self-publishing "with the help of my friends." I myself formed a company and logo/letterhead so as not to appear self-published. But since J/B doesn't seem to have inroads to bookstores (correct me if wrong please) this seems like a circle-of-friends, quasi-self publishing venture.

Rarely does a traditional publisher take over for a self-publisher. Only if sales are proven, and likely to go much higher. Every fiction writer thinks he or she can do the next Fifty Shades, which was self-published originally. Random House then sold 70 mil more in the trilogy. That's one in 10,000. Or more. Super rare. If a nonfiction author has a great platform (speaking gigs, hot website) and can show promise of greater sales, a publisher might be swayed and take over. Unlikely. These Trek books do have a built-in core audience, and libraries might like it if they know about it. My local library has Justman/Solow.

However, publishers, I have read, are loathe even to publish a different book of yours once you have gone the self-publishing route once. As for taking over a project from another quasi-publisher? Might fall into the realm of unheard of. Publishers like input along the way. Each has its own look and voice. Even if you say you're willing to adapt to its needs, your book, if written, has already taken a shape and form. That's why nonfiction writers don't write the book in advance, but submit a detailed proposal with a couple chapters.

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. . . which explains the almost unheard of, expedited release of a second edition of Book 1 . . .
You're advertising again.

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. . .then I think the question comes up whether or not printing it through a small publishing outfit (with all its imperfections) would be better than trashing the whole project in light of Pocket's rejection. Perhaps Cushman was faced with that scenario. I'd prefer to see these works published. . . .
That's a false dichotomy. Many (most) small publishing outfits will do a quality job for you.

stcanada29, since I think you might know someone close to this project, there are some super-knowledgable people here on this bbs who would fact-check vol. 2 and 3 for Mr. Cushman for a nominal fee, I bet. (Even 1 could be quietly fixed since the files are electronic). And not just Trek stuff, butTV/entertainment/general knowledge. And there are a plethora of editors available on the net. I could connect Mr. Cushman to mine, with whom I was well-pleased. There is expense involved, but this multi-volume work deserves as much care at the finish line as it received over years of research.

Wishing you and all connected with it well, and a happy new year.
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