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Re: Do you reckon Gowron's actions in season seven were normal?

In a culture where an individuals deeds speak loudest, it was inevitable that, unless Gowron was having a fair share of success in personally leading troops to victory, that he would have to try to sabotage whomever was having the most success on the battlefield. Even if that commander had no political aspirations of his own. Look at how Stalin treated Zhukov. Stalin tried his best to make his people think he personally masterminded the victory over the Nazi's, but it was Zhukov's abilities as a field commander that really made the difference on the Soviet side. It was Zhukov who stood in the ruins of Berlin in 1945 while Stalin was comfortable at home. And yet, after the war, Zhukov was practically made an unperson when he SHOULD have been as celebrated by the Soviet people as Eisenhower was by us. Stalin just couldn't tolerate that. Nor could Gowron.
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