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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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I wrote to Jay about doing a Kirk Trailer III and he said that he will consider it when a director is named for the next Trek movie but it took a lot of cgi work and such it may not be feasible. I'd love to see a full length movie based on this trailer.

lol the Bring Back Kirk trailer was ahead of it's time, in 2004 the CGI was very rare - now every week something spectacular hits YouTube like a runaway train, like a minisode of The Eleventh Doctor and Sherlock meeting and the Justice League coming together PROPERLY showing Tom Welling as Superman. I wondered recently 'what if it was remade with today's technology'. The fact Jay said he'd consider it is music to my ears.

As for a full length film, yeah that would be great - the cast of Phase II on 24th Century sets (mind you characters would need to look like the older versions)?? - as you can see by my profile picture the idea is my OBSESSION

It would be a new chapter for Kirk and friends and I'm sure continuity can be reshaped (ignore the COUNTDOWN comics) what says it didn't happen?! It could be a fulllength fanedit based on the trailer but I guess the TOS crew would have to be back in the monster maroons then otherwise its tonnes of SFX. I like the idea of the McCoy EMH.

To get back on topic and not into trouble Admiral Chekov could feature? We've also got new footage of Ambassador Spock - I've never spoken to Jay but I'd be happy to help with new story ideas.
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