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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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I wonder if they read the content at all, and why they weren't impressed with the evident significant research effort that made use of the TOS production archive?
Cushman placed the blame on his agent in an interview for sending Pocket Books the "wrong" chapters.

(He claims his agent sent chapters 1-3).

To be fair, these early chapters are by far some of the weakest material in the book, since they offer little in the way of new research and are especially flabby editorially.
A very interesting insight. And I think those early chapters do not reference the TOS archive even once! I wonder if anyone at Pocket might now have seen a complete published copy and whether or not they might consider taking over / buying out the book series -- to produce more robust editions, if that is even possible at this late stage since Jacobs Brown seems to have the printing rights? I think the project team was certainly aware of the many flaws in the first edition - which explains the almost unheard of, expedited release of a second edition of Book 1; even before Books 2 and 3 have been released! And I would have to believe that they would be monitoring / receptive to constructive criticism offered with a kind spirit . On the photo issue (yet again), I can't help but wonder if certain website(s) - as I've seen them declare multiple times in other threads on this subject around the net - didn't try to assert total ownership and full copyright rights to the publisher on those behind-the-scenes photos that they supposedly restored; and if those website(s), claiming total ownership, possibly even forbid the publisher from using any images or even mentioning the websites name. Then perhaps the publisher, advised by its own legal team (= consoles :-) ), felt that the imagery was absolutely public domain and went ahead with printing it feeling completely legally justified to do so. That is, assuming some images did originate from the sites in question in the first place. Which truly has not been established with any conclusive evidence, IMO. Also, if Pocket did reject the book, and still would reject acquiring any rights to it; then I think the question comes up whether or not printing it through a small publishing outfit (with all its imperfections) would be better than trashing the whole project in light of Pocket's rejection. Perhaps Cushman was faced with that scenario. I'd prefer to see these works published - hopefully with fewer errors in the subsequent editions.

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