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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

Thanks CeJay,

I got a real bad case of writer's block so I apologize for the long time between segments. Hopefully this story will be wrapped up early in the new year.

************************************************** *************
Main Bridge
USS Empress

The loudest shout came from Captain Erasia as she watched the miracle save of the K’mpec. “Let’s get in there and help them,” she told the helm. “Once we’re close enough, we’ll activate the thoron shield.”

“Aye,” Commander Sheppard said, not hiding the grin on his face.

“Inform Ariane and the others,” Erasia said. Empress swept in beside the Shuttlesworth while Ariane gracefully sidled up to the K’mpec.

“Ready to activate thoron shield on your mark,” a subdued Commander Rhizzo said after hailing Empress. Captains Ottah and Tanaka quickly replied in turn.

Captain Erasia breathed a sigh of relief once the shield enveloped the taskforce. Chasing the shockwave had taken them away from the major battle ground and now she could look on with growing horror as the Chakuun rammed their ships into the Kothlis’Ka fleet, creating violent, horrific explosions. The Kothlis’Ka was trying to fight back but Chakuun’s suicidal drive was overwhelming them.

“That’s one way to take the fight to the enemy,” Rhizzo said, over the still open channel.

“It appears to be getting results,” Ottah said quietly, and Erasia heard the sadness welling in his voice.

“But why?” Tanaka asked, the outrage building in his voice. “All of this loss, it’s just so senseless.”

Erasia shook her head, an inkling of the Chakuun mindset blossoming in her mind. “The Chakuun know they can’t win, but they’re sending a message,” she said.

“Yes,” Rhizzo concurred. The woman agreeing with her rankled, but Tan ignored the unpleasant sensation.

“This last ditch, scorched earth tactic will not stop the Kothlis’Ka, and they know it, but it has to be their hope that such madness will make the Kothlis’Ka survivors relinquish any plans they have to sojourn through Tholian space.”

“That makes sense,” Tanaka said, clearly mulling over Erasia’s words.

“So what are we to do?” Ottah asked, “Just watch them slaughter each other?”

Erasia didn’t answer the question immediately. She already knew her answer, but she didn’t want to give voice to it, she didn’t want to commit her ship and crew to it. But deep down, the petty part of herself simply didn’t want to give Commander Rhizzo the satisfaction.

“I think now’s the time to send our own message to the Kothlis’Ka,” Erasia concluded, “We want them to leave this part of space completely, and perhaps that will not be accomplished without drawing their blood.”
************************************************** *************
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