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Re: Issues with current Enterprise E Bridge/senior officer staff

Starbreaker wrote: View Post
Miranda Kadohata was interesting.
Agreed. I would really like to see her return to the fold at some point.

Leybenzon was interesting.
I thought Leybenzon had a fantastic set-up in his first novel, and he sounded like he was going to be a really interesting, nuanced character. Ever since then, he was simply portrayed as a less-than-intelligent brawler type who shot first and thought later, if at all... to the point where they had to kill him off with a bad case of the stupids. To me, this was the single biggest waste of potential in the initial batch of new characters.

Šmrhová and Elfiki are just names.
I don't know, Šmrhová has seemed to had a fair bit of development through the few novels that feature her, so she does seem like a bit more than just a name to me. Elfiki, though, I will agree with. Even after a novel that featured her fairly extensively (Watching the Clock?), I don't feel that I really know her all that well. But then, the same is true of, say, Patel in VOY.

Defcon wrote: View Post
By the way, that KRAD isn't even on this list with a single novel is a fucking shame.
I'm not a huge fan of "like" or "+1" or "QFT" posts, but I'm going to have to make an exception in this case!
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