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Re: Issues with current Enterprise E Bridge/senior officer staff

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^But if every series had only one writer, then there'd only be a half-dozen or so people writing Trek novels on a regular basis, depending on how many book-original series there were. So some of the series should be open to multiple writers.
Totally. I realize this. I wasn't saying that I wanted only one writer per series, I was just saying that one writer would probably make it feel all the more cohesive in terms of characterization. Stuff like the differences of the personalities of the senior E-E staff in Before Dishonor / Q&A for example. That's all. If new writers weren't let into the club house, then we wouldn't get any new voices or perspectives.

Maybe it would be better if TNG featured more trilogies or duologies by the same least for some of these characters. I'd love to see Una give us more Dygan for example.

Hopefully yourself and Kirsten aren't interupted in your series for the forseeable future. So far i like how they are going
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