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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

Not sure of what Andrew's plan is here. If he really doesn't want to play basketbll anymore then he could just quit and explain that playing in constant pain, not being able to meet his own expectations on court etc, are all factors. But hanging around but refusing to cooperate is so disrespectful of his teammates, coaches, and to the Cavs' organization and fans.

Maybe he is hoping to be eventually cut, becoming a free agent and seeing if he can catch on with a contender. Other players have engineered exits from teams they don't want to be with, Bynum wouldn't be the first.

Found it interesting that the Heat were mentioned as a possible destination for Andrew. I haven't kept up with the them this season, but I take it this means that the Greg Oden experiment didn't work out. However, with the way the NBA's waiver system now works, the Clips should get a shot at him before the Heat and if so, they will try and keep him for whatever is left of his contract. The Clips appear to be one of those teams who have become so enthralled with certain Lakers players over the years, they'll ignore common sense when they have an opportunity to sign one.
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