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Re: Have you ever been surprised to see a Trek actor in something else

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here's a few that surprised me:

Man From Earth had John Billingsly and Tony Todd.

The Dark Knight had Tiny Lester, who played Klang from the Enterprise pilot.

Max Grodenchic was in Apollo 13.

Nikita Ager, who played Rajiin, was in that Pirates of Silicon Valley and Shark Attack 2.

Robert Foxworth, who played the evil Admiral in DS9's Homefront/ Paradise Lost, voiced Ratchet it Michael Bay's Transformers

Eric Pierpoint, who played Captain Sanders in DS9's For the Uniform, turned up as Mr. Cole in Liar Liar.
I think Tony Todd was in Wishmaster, and of course was Candyman. "Worf, I came for you.." lol..
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