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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

Plynch, as I believe Captain Kirk once said in an episode "Who do I have to be?" I reject your thesis that anonymity is regretful. If I make a valid point, should that be discarded as rubbish or propaganda if my last name were Cushman? If I make an uninformed derogatory statement about the book's developers, should that be considered the gospel because I am an irate individual not connected with the book? And I did not mean to point an accusatory finger at everyone in this thread who has made critical remarks. The vast majority of folks here have a well balanced perspective -- I merely remarked that I found the relentless attacks of a small group to be comical. They have made probably tenfold more little insults than I have made opposing remarks. And I am not a 100% cheerleader for this book project ... I do find all the type-o's and lack of proof-reading in the initial publication to be extremely regrettable but not something that would invalidate the value of the overall effort.

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