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Re: Off Topic: Movie Tie-In Editions

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Meanwhile, Keith: Do I gather from your post that you were actually shown advance footage of Darkness Falls? Wow.
Not of the whole movie, just of the changed ending, and it was a rough cut. I was very pleased and very impressed. This is in direct contrast to the Resident Evil films, where I didn't even get script revisions, just whatever version of the script happened to be current when I signed the contract. (This resulted in my novel of Apocalypse having a way different ending than the movie, something I was actually able to address in the novelization of Extinction.)

I also got to see a rough cut of Serenity, but so did everyone else -- that wasn't anything special I got from novelizing the film, I just went to one of the rough-cut screenings Universal did throughout 2005 to drum up interest in the film.
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