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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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Hello friends. I'm back! Maybe just for a brief remark and to wish all a Happy New Year. In catching up on the dialogue here; it's really quite humorous to see a recurring set of characters taking every opportunity they can to bash and find fault with the book editing and so on and so forth. Without any impartiality.
As I've noted elsewhere, I had several reasons for wanting this project to be good. I think I might even describe the present book using the word "good," based on all the positives (behind the scenes memos and research etc.). However, I cannot use the term "high quality" since even the new edition has English and factual errors as noted above.

I have no dog in this race, other than -- as a Trekkie and a self-publishing author -- wanting the thing to be of great quality. It is sort of saddening.

Either in this thread (or a different recent one) I was regretting the anonymity here, just because so many people are interesting and cool; it just seems a little weird not to know a real name. So I stated mine. Again. it is Phil Lynch, an educator, from Michigan. All this is to preface this:

stcanada29, who are you, and what is your connection to the book?

Please make it plain. Wethinks you doth protest too much, and as noted above I think you damage the book's rep by your protestations. Who are you?
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