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Re: Issues with current Enterprise E Bridge/senior officer staff

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I was finally starting to like Choudhury too. Why did they have to go and do that to Worf again?

Šmrhová and Elfiki are just names.
I very much liked Choudhury from the start. Her approach to her job as Security Chief was refreshing, and far more in keeping with what I'd imagine Starfleet philosophies to favour (more so pre-Dominion War, of course). As a character I found her engaging. Šmrhová immediately struck me in Cold Equations as taking the opposite approach, which I'm less comfortable with (not a judgement, just an observation). I know she was introduced in Destiny, but I don't remember much about her role there, whereas in Silent Weapons the contrast with Choudhury's approach was obvious. Šmrhová is sort of the anti-Choudhury in my eyes, at least at the moment, which may be selling the character short but, as I say, I really liked Choudhury.

I will note that her appearance in The Crimson Shadow helped; maybe I'm coming to get a feel for her on her own merits now, if that makes sense.
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