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Fire Mel Tucker into the sun.

Then nuke the sun. You know, just to be completely sure.
I know right? In the first week or two, before all the injuries, I said they couldn't tackle or stop anybody and it only got worse from there.

Three fucking 4th down conversions in a row, including the 4th & 8 for a TD. Actually stop them on any of those and you win the game.

Though I'm sure someone will be blaming Cutler for the loss. He threw that INT on the hail mary pass at the end after all.
I've never seen a Bears defense so undisciplined as I did this past season. Injuries are hard, but they shouldn't make you historically bad, unless you've suffered a historic abundance of injuries -- which the Bears didn't. Losing Melton, Tillman and Briggs hurt, but what their losses exposed was a complete lack of depth. Bostic somehow got worse as the year went on, while Paea and McClellin regressed to a point where they don't belong in the NFL. Bowman admitted during the postgame yesterday that the coverage on 4th and 8 was blown -- they were supposed to play zone fire, but Tucker thought the play was a man blitz, which is why Conte was so far out of position.

No one on that side of the ball knows where they're supposed to be, and that's on the coaching staff. Between the terrible coaching, and most of the defense being old, crappy, or old and crappy ... burn it to the ground.
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