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Do you reckon Gowron's actions in season seven were normal?

I do, despite many other fans thinking he was acting a prick.

I think he essentially got corrupted by power, despite looking a "good guy" in TNG. He probably was, but then he changed due to holding command of the Council.

I also don't get how people say Klingons are hypocritical, but then yeah, it simply means Klingon psychology is similar to human psychology. Klingons are all different, and will use any opportunity to further their own agenda. So there are good Klingons like Worf, Kurn and Martok, and "bad" ones like Duras, L'Ursa (French and Latin, just realised that haha), B'Etor, K'Mpec (to an extent, though IMO he acted in good faith), etc.

And per that ep, Trill are not to talk, unless Ezri knew that half of her species were denied the right to bond with symbionts. Or humans, yeah, love and "outgrowing infancy", despite Section 31, Worf and Ezri's CO tricking Romulans into the war, corrupted Admirals a plenty haha.. As Kahless is more or less the Klingon Jesus, maybe there was a sacred text which he said "let he who has never acted without honour cast the first stone.."
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