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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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I can give a qualified recommendation for the book simply on the basis of the production notes, based on memos from the production team. It's certainly not perfect given all the problems we've discovered, but no one can say that Cushman is not accurately detailing the production information (including story development, refinement, and production and post-production details). I have never seen anything of this detail before and I am most satisfied with those aspects--for me, they justify the purchase of the book.

I know others disagree with this assessment, and I certainly respect their right to spend their hard-earned dollars as they see fit.
This. Seeing the development of the series and the individual episodes along with background info is something I really appreciate. What's even more amazing is the realization that these episodes weren't being developed one at a time but rather simultaneously. It must have been crazy and it's incredible that so much good work could come out of such a high pressure environment.
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