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Re: Off Topic: Movie Tie-In Editions

Occasionally, you might get what TV Tropes calls a 'recurrsive adaptation', where a movie based on a book subsequently gets a brand new novelization based on the movie screenplay (often times this novelization is not written by the author of the original book, either). That's when it starts to get confusing, but thankfully it's happened relatively few times that I can recall.

(In fact it did happen once on Star Trek. Larry Niven adapted his TAS script "The Slaver Weapon" from one of his previously published prose stories, and the TAS episode was then subsequently novelized by Alan Dean Foster as part of the Logs series of novels.)

For the most part though it's definitely far more common for publishers to simply put out a new edition with the movie poster for the front cover and call it a 'Movie Tie-in Edition', even though the actual text of he book has very rarely been altered in accordance with that. Not saying it can't happen, but it seldom does.
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