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Re: What Happened to Nimoy's Voice?

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I heard from other forums that either Berman or Braga or both really hated TOS and forbade its mention in TNG.
You heard wrong?

That they actually had some shouting match with someone when the word Spock was used in the episode SAREK. Apparently it wasn't as simple as TNG was to survive on its own merits.
If that were true, they would have used the part of the original pitch that involved a different ambassador, not a returning Sarek.

I believe the discussion was whether the story needed Spock to be name-dropped. They deliberately teased the audience with Picard's line about attending the wedding of Sarek's son, and not actually specifying that it was Spock, or who was the bride.

Now I don't know what changed to allow RELICS and UNIFICATION and GENERATIONS unless it was to show how superior the TNG crew were over the TOS crew.
The ratings successes of episodes like "Encounter at Farpoint" and "Sarek", and the huge opportunities for free publicity, such as in Starlog magazine, fan word-of-mouth, and "Entertainment Tonight".

Or just B and B got over it or my sources on the other forum were incorrect and there was no conflict.
Brannon Braga started on TNG as an intern in Season Four. No power whatsoever for some time.

"A twenty-five year old youth, Brannon Braga started working on Star Trek in 1990 as a writer/producer on The Next Generation, it being his first professional employment within the motion picture industry. As a writer/producer on The Next Generation, he was responsible for some popular episodes including the series finale..."

I also heard that GR himself was quite prepared to de-canonise aspect of TOS at some point.
As was his right as creator. He did it all through TOS as well: Vulcanians, previous terms for what became Starfleet, female captains, how warp speed was calculated...

However I realise that there are a lot of people here who know more about the behind-the-scenes stuff than me.
So go easy on the spreading of misinformation.
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