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Re: What Happened to Nimoy's Voice?

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I think any deficiencies you may see in his performance there are due to the TOS-hating producers/writers of TNG....
Rick Berman got the job on TNG partly because he did not know TOS, and Roddenberry told him not to go researching it, because it gave him a fresh and unique eye, different to his own, Justman's, Gerrold's and Fontana's.

"Unification" was by Berman, Taylor and Pillar. I never got the sense that they "hated" TOS.

in the first episode McCoy just admired the pants of Data. What do you expect from Berman?
Ummm, Rick Berman had little to do with "Encounter at Farpoint". Roddenberry, Justman, Gerrold and Fontana were hardly TOS haters.

The McCoy scene was written solely by DC Fontana, with great affection for McCoy.
I heard from other forums that either Berman or Braga or both really hated TOS and forbade its mention in TNG. That they actually had some shouting match with someone when the word Spock was used in the episode SAREK. Apparently it wasn't as simple as TNG was to survive on its own merits.

Now I don't know what changed to allow RELICS and UNIFICATION and GENERATIONS unless it was to show how superior the TNG crew were over the TOS crew. Or just B and B got over it or my sources on the other forum were incorrect and there was no conflict.

I also heard that GR himself was quite prepared to de-canonise aspect of TOS at some point.

However I realise that there are a lot of people here who know more about the behind-the-scenes stuff than me.
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