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Re: New Star Trek Items

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TOS merch sells better. It would probably all be nuTOS if not for the strangely split movie/TV series rights between CBS and Paramount.
Nah, that's clear cut. CBS has the merchandising rights for everything Trek (note both Star Trek XI and Star Trek XI in the listings).

It's up to the companies wanting to make & sell Trek merchandise to decide which incarnation of it they want to go with. If they have big enough wallets, they can do all of them.
So its companies like Diamond Select who think that TOS is a better bet. Not CBS.

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Apparently the ST09 stuff didn't see well.
I got all the six inch figures.

And there's practically nothing out there for STID.
Yeah, sucks, too. It'd be nice to have the whole crew in matchin' uniforms, instead of mix & match of cadets & officers.

I think if you want more DS9 stuff to be made buy the existing stuff.
I have.

I buy minimates and see on some forums that people complain there's not enough non-TOS characters there. I think they need more people buying the Janeway or Picard figures to get more of these. Jusr my opinion.
I don't like those things at all, too small and easy to lose.
If everyone buys more DS9 then more should be made, if you believe in the capitalist system. Unless say the DS9 actors/directors/makers get a bigger cut of the toy profits than TOS. I'm not saying they are but you never know.

I buy minimates because my son likes them to battle his Star Wars lego.
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