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Re: Does the Nu Ent have Quantum Slipstream?

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Well it seems unlikely that the return trip would suddenly be much faster when they have a damaged warp core.
We don't really get a definitive sense of how long it took them to get to Klingon space in the first place, do we? I mean, in that case the editing allows for a longer trip, but it's vague enough that it could go either way. They might not have been at maximum speed. Also, the "sabotaged warp core" thing seems to be operating by Star Wars rules, so to speak, in which you either have functional hyperdrive/warp or you don't, as opposed to the damage actually making it slower.

captainkirk wrote: View Post
I agree that the way the scenes were written it feels like just a minute or so, but there's no way that's possible.
With the new timeline many things may be possible... but I agree that it's hard to swallow. We could try to work more time in somehow or write in that they dropped out of warp again somewhere along the way, but then we get into the question of why Marcus didn't catch them earlier.

Not to be a spoilsport but it seems as though the fault lies with the writing.
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