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Re: Is STiD "too close" to STXI, timescale-wise?

I agree with King daniel on that there should have been a gap between end of 09 and STiD...the weeks recovery for Pike, and then also reconstruction of the Enterprise (wasn't it damaged fairly severely?) Maybe Kirk having some "real" experience as a Lt. Commander on some working vessel, until Enterprise was repaired.

I imagine the Enterprise also needed a shakedown cruise...not sure if it needed Kirk to be in Command to make it happen, or if Pike could have commanded a such a low -risk assignment.

I think Kirk COULD have had a year or two, and still have some reckless behavior. Didn't PRIME Kirk make similar reckless actions in his 5 year mission?

Hopefully in 3, we'll have a more seasoned Kirk.

I would love for 4 to be more comical...maybe mix Diane Duane's DC Comics 2 parter with the 2 races "taking over" the enterprise, and/or adventures with Harry Mudd (and perhaps a female partner).
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