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Re: Movie Caption Contest #240: Captions Against Humanity

Uhura: "Crew Movie Night is a chance for the entire crew to relax without the stresses of their daily jobs," he said. "Everyone can just relax," he said. "Oh, Uhura, we need you to run the film projector," he says...

Kirk: Is there a problem, Lt.?

Uhura: Uh, no, sir. In fact, I've taken the liberty of picking the movie. It's a movie from the early 21st Century called Twilight...

Geordi: I found these, they were apparently put there by a group even more devious than Section 31, called the "NSA."

Spock: Alert the Captain, I've found the 5 minutes of plot in this movie. Apparently, the other 127 minutes is special effects and our reactions to those effects.

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SPOCK: You are right, mister Scott. This ensign is a direct descendant of Lionel Ritchie.
Ensign Richie: What gave me away, sir?

Scotty: When I paged you, Lad, ye came in and said, "Hello, is it me you're looking for?"

Spock: While dancing on the ceiling.

Ensign Richie: Oh, I thought you guys might know my mother, uncle, cousin, and grandfather, they were all Commodores.

Spock: Yes, I know your mother, Commodore Richie.

Ensign Richie: Actually, sir, after the divorce she went back to her maiden name, she's a Brickhouse, again, now.

Scotty: Aye, I heard about the divorce. I felt sorry for your father, as rumor was, your mother is easy.

Spock: Just rumors, Mr. Scott. Believe me, she is three times a lady.

Ensign Richie: Anyway, sirs, with all due respect, do you intend to keep me here all night long?

Spock: No, Ensign, you are dismissed.

Scotty: Watch the floor, though, lad. They just washed it and it tends to be slippery when wet.
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