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Re: What apps was O'Brien playing on his panel?

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That's the thing about Star Trek, everyone aside from the bridge crew and senior officers must have a really boring job. Imagine being a security guy posted to stand outside a door or something.
See Bob at dinner. "Hey Bob, how'd your shift go? Any excitement?"

Bob snorts. "How's this for 'excitement'? About four hours in, an Ensign tried to get in the suite I was guarding. Had no authorization. I was hoping I'd get to use my stunner on him, but when I pressed him for why he wanted in, turned out he was just on the wrong deck, didn't want in at all thought he was at his quarters. Sorted that out and he was on his way. And that's about it. Hey Jim, pass that salt, will ya? These replicated chicken tenders taste even blander than usual."
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