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That's just crap.
Jeter, Ichiro and Wells cannot play the field every day. Beltran's knees are arthritic an degenerating rapidly, so he'll need to be spelled, too. If Rodriguez doesn't get suspended (and given that it's gotten out that MLB violated state law in its investigation, he's got a hell of a lawsuit if they do try to hand one down), he's certainly not an everyday fielder anymore. It's also pretty crazy to assume that Teixeira will be able to stay healthy, too.

There's going to be a multi-headed monster at DH this season.
No reason to expect that Tex won't be an every day player.

None whatsoever.
Injury-marred 2012 followed by losing essentially all of last year due to major wrist surgery -- not a great thing for a guy going into his age 34 season who relies on power as his primary hit tool. Additionally, his OPS+ has declined every year since 2008. Durability is a legitimate question mark for him.

Choke-rod is a question mark, but we can win without him.
The .771 OPS he put up last year was third-best among qualified hitters (minimum 100 AB) on the Yankees last year. You might want to rethink your dismissive attitude.

Beltran? .... all star... plain and simple.
Sure, he's an All-Star, but he'll be 37 about three weeks into the season, and both of his knees have had multiple surgeries and are arthritic. Much like Pujols' plantar fasciitis, that's a condition that gets worse, not better.

So, those three guys aside, there are still Jeter, Ichiro and Wells to consider, all three of whom are massive injury questions.

The Red Sox are worried about the Tanaka deal...
Not entirely sure what this has to do with the six-headed DH monster of the Yankees, but there are plenty of suitors for Tanaka. The Yankees definitely need him, given that Sabathia is falling apart, Kuroda is ancient and God knows if Pineda's arm will ever stay attached to his shoulder -- but there's no way they can sign him to a contract that keeps them under the luxury tax threshold. I figure he'll land in Los Angeles or Seattle, depending on how willing Nintendo is to write another big check for a couple of years -- if they aren't willing, he'd be an excellent insurance option for the Dodgers if they decide to let Kershaw walk.

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